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BPA free baby bottles – glass or plastic? July 23, 2008

Like many moms-to-be, I dove head first into researching all things baby before my daughter was born. First, I narrowed things down to what I only thought she would really need and then I looked into what I thought were the safest options.

One thing that was a big focus of mine was BPA (see an earlier post of mine on this subject). I knew I would purchase ones without it, but which to go for – glass or plastic? I started off with plastic, thinking they would be a safer choice if I dropped one. But after cleaning them over and over again, I went for glass – Evenflo to be exact and here’s why:

  • They are VERY easy to clean – both formula and breast milk have fat in it which makes a greasy film on the bottles. This is difficult to clean off plastic. It’s really easy to clean off from glass.
  • No plastic issues to deal with at all.
  • They’re very inexpensive – I think I bought three 8 oz bottles at Babies R Us for $4.99.
  • They’re easier to warm up – using cold breast milk/formula from the refrigerator is difficult to warm up when you have it in a plastic bottle and are using hot water from the tap in a mug, for example. It’s much easier/faster with a glass bottle.
  • They have an “old fashion” feel to them which I kind of like!

If you’re worried about dropping them, as I initially was, you can purchase something like Silikids Siliskins.

Choosing a bottle that’s BPA-free, whether it’s glass or plastic, is ultimately what’s most important. After that, it’s personal preference and what we often find after our baby is born is that it’s THEIR personal preference as to which one they like best. So don’t be surprised if you need to try, try again until you find what works for the both of you.

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2 Responses to “BPA free baby bottles – glass or plastic?”

  1. Billy Says:

    If your doing something that might break your glass bottle, you can try the camelbak better bottle or the titan water bottle. They are both made out of bpa-free materials. The titan has a built in carabiner clip that’s cool. Also, there is a non-toxic ‘bladder’ that you can carry in a backpack by platypus.

  2. tryingtobegreener Says:

    These look like two more good options for BPA-free reusable water bottles. Thanks for leaving a comment.

    Trying To Be Greener

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