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Easily available, safer toys for your little ones September 25, 2008

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Today I was in a children’s store, looking for something new for my daughter to play with. I try to keep her toys to a minimum and pick out ones that I feel she’ll get a lot of use out of. There comes a point, though, when she just gets bored with what she has and I need to put something else into the rotation.

While I was walking around, I was overwhelmed with the amount of plastic, noisy options that filled the aisles. I couldn’t find anything that I felt would be interesting and safe when it came to what it was made of. When I buy something for my daughter, I usually have some specific toys in mind that I’ve looked into beforehand. I didn’t do that this time and because of this, I felt very uninformed and frustrated.

I’m happy to say that Toys R Us, one of those large stores that almost everyone lives near, came out with an environmentally friendly line of toys. These toys include wooden toys from replenished materials that are chemical-free and plush toys made with natural or water-based dyes and unprocessed, unbleached, and untreated cotton.

It’s good to know that safer toys are easily available now to most parents and you can find them locally, instead of always relying on mail or internet purchases.

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One Response to “Easily available, safer toys for your little ones”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    I’m with you on the plastic crapola. It’s nice to see more wooden toys.

    When my older daughter was one, one set of her grandparents started buying her every single electronic baby toy out there. I thought I’d lose my mind.

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