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The FDA’s report on BPA is said to be flawed October 30, 2008

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The Washington Post reported yesterday that a scientific advisory panel has found the FDA’s recent report on BPA, which is found in canned food and some baby bottles, to be inaccurate due to the fact that scientific evidence was ignored and flawed methods were used.

According to the article in a report issued yesterday, “the panel of scientists from government and academia said the FDA did not take into consideration scores of studies that have linked bisphenol A (BPA) to prostate cancer, diabetes and other health problems in animals when it completed a draft risk assessment of the chemical last month. The panel said the FDA didn’t use enough infant formula samples and didn’t adequately account for variations among the samples.”

The article goes on to say, “FDA agrees that due to the uncertainties raised in some studies relating to the potential effects of low doses of bisphenol-A that additional research would be valuable,” said spokeswoman Judy Leon. The agency has commissioned new research on BPA.”

You can see the full report by the scientific advisory panel here and the FDA’s response to the report here.

This report shows us once again that you really need to use your own judgment when conflicting data emerges about products because unfortunately, it seems that the FDA can’t be relied on to properly inform us. It feels like we’re on our own sometimes, doesn’t it? There’s no easy answer – just be cautious and avoid even possibly harmful products, especially when it comes to your children.

You can read more on how to keep you and your baby safe from BPA here.

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One Response to “The FDA’s report on BPA is said to be flawed”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    I definitely trust the Washington Post’s reporting more than I do the FDA’s reports.

    Also, I just found out yesterday that I’m going to have to sort through my kids’ candy tomorrow in case certain kinds of Chinese-made chocolates are in their loot bags. *sigh*

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