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Just add salt, pepper, and a little BPA February 20, 2009

I posted a while ago about how I made my daughter’s baby food and how easy it actually is to do so. I mostly used a “food wand” blender to puree her food, but I’ve also used a food processor as well. If you’re someone who has a food processor or blender in your kitchen, you really need to check out Z Recommends post from a week ago. They’ve listed many food processors and blenders and have listed if they contain BPA, PVC, and/or phthalates. Be sure to check out an update they did yesterday on the Hamilton Beach products they listed. Do yourself a favor and head on over.

Photo from Flickr by Jodiepedia

Photo from Flickr by Jodiepedia

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3 Responses to “Just add salt, pepper, and a little BPA”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    I’m almost afraid to go look…

  2. lovingmyfellas Says:

    Doesn’t all this news about BPA just make you choke? My oldest (twins) just turned three, so I think they are pretty young, and I am already discovering how many harmful chemicals I have willingly passed right to them! Ugh!!!

  3. The question is how did we all survive? My mom smoked the whole time she was pregnant. Every kid on my family has the “coffee table scar” from the sharp edged table. We all grew up on high fat food and tv dinners. I am glad to see so many parent taking the reins and trying to give their kids a better life than we had.

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