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April showers bring…broken umbrellas. April 8, 2009

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April’s only been here for a week and I feel like we’ve had so much rain already! As I was out walking in it the other day, I saw so many umbrellas in trash cans on the corners, beaten by the weather. When they cost so little sometimes, it’s easy to think of them as “disposable items”. How many umbrellas do you think are sitting in our landfills? I can’t even imagine…

Here’s a great link I discovered, though, that shows you how to repair a broken umbrella. It’s certainly worth a try before you give up on one!

Photo from Flickr by Marcin Wichary

Photo from Flickr by Marcin Wichary

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2 Responses to “April showers bring…broken umbrellas.”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    I gave up on those flimsy little umbrellas a long time ago because they were a waste of money. Now, we only have regular umbrellas — one massive golf umbrella and several old fashioned umbrellas, complete with the curved handles. They’ve all lasted for years and we’ve definitely gotten our money’s worth.

  2. Taryn Zychal Says:

    I actually make rain coats for dogs out of broken umbrellas, so if anyone would like to send me some cool looking umbrellas instead of letting them go to waste, please message me on my etsy store front (! And if you are interested in purchasing a dog coat, they are made to order and are all custom, one of a kind coats that can be made for all sized dogs unless otherwise specified in the description. 🙂

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