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Before you head out into the sun… May 1, 2009

Earlier in the week, we had three days of unusually warm weather – truly summer like. It was a reminder to me of those long hot days in July and August where it seems like the sun just won’t quit. This is what probably prompted three friends to ask me for some “safer” options when it comes to sunscreens. 

I directed them to one of my most favorite, trustworthy sites – Safe Mama. They recently posted their 2009 Safer Sunscreen Cheat Sheet and even did a review today for Badger Sunscreen, which is one of the sunscreens on their list. 

Take a look and also visit their site Lovely Safe Mama – “One-stop safe beauty, health, and eco-gorgeous resource…”


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6 Responses to “Before you head out into the sun…”

  1. oneordinaryday Says:

    Thanks for the post. A friend and I were just having this conversation and both of us were headed back to see what Safe Mamas had to say.

  2. Coccinelle Says:

    Two words:

    Skin Deep


  3. Kirstin Says:


    I agree that Skin Deep is a great resource and I use it routinely. Safe Mama goes even further with their choices:

    They say in their post:

    “A note about the Skin Deep ratings. Their ratings are a good start, but take them with a grain of salt. They have a big job over there and sometimes formulas change and their information gets a little outdated. Which is why we stress learning to read the labels! Concerning sunscreen, the EWG’s Skin Deep published a sunscreen guide last year and while we generally respect the research and efforts of EWG, we don’t agree 100% with their top picks. For example the top choice on their Top 10 list is Blue Lizard without oxybenzone, but all Blue Lizard products contain multiple parabens, Propylene Glycol and PEG’s not to mention the giant list of chemical ingredients on every label. So, again… read labels and don’t just take anyone’s word for it.”

    Kirstin @ Trying To Be Greener

  4. auntiemwrites Says:

    Will pass this one to my d-in-law for the Grands~thanks!

  5. Jill Says:

    I was just wondering about this too… thanks!

  6. Coccinelle Says:

    Sorry I missed your reply…

    I agree with you, many many are outdated, but I always check the ingredients list on my bottle and I always check the rating for each ingredient, not only the overall score of Skin Deep.

    But when you learn about Skin Deep you can’t believe all the crap you have bought before! So I think it’s far better than nothing!

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