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Getting arts-and-craftsy the eco-way! May 14, 2010

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I do my best to be as “green” as I can be (which, believe me, does fall short sometimes – hey, no one’s perfect). But I also like to save a penny here and there too. My daughter is almost 2 1/2 now and she’s really into art supplies, like crayons and water colors. It made me think – “What else is out there to help fuel some creative, artsy juices?” I found “greener”, “safer” options over the traditional, but many of them were costly and adding on shipping made them even pricier. What’s a “Frugal Green Girl” to do? Make them herself, that’s what!

Here’s some interesting links for making your own art supplies. I haven’t tried them all but they look promising. If you give any of these a try, leave a comment and let us know what you think! Some of the recipes call for food coloring. Since none of these finished products are meant to be eaten, you can use traditional ones. However, if you’d like to go a more natural route, check out this link for one and see here and here for where you can buy it.

Photo from Flickr by loves dc


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