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Baby Showers And Adding A “Green” Touch February 11, 2011

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Two weeks ago, I was invited to a friend’s baby shower. I was so pleased to see plenty of BPA-free items on the registry (the selection has grown so much in just the past 3 years!). It got me thinking, though. How can someone add a little “green” to the gift list when it isn’t asked for? Sometimes people are open to guests using their discretion and sometimes they want exactly what they’ve requested. After all, the mom-to-be probably put a lot of effort into choosing exactly what she thinks she and her family will need. You also don’t want to buy something that may end up sitting on a shelf and not being used.

So here are some suggestions for adding a little “green” to the next shower you attend that will likely be appreciated:

  • A non-chemical bath/hair soap  or diaper cream – California Baby and Earth Mama, Angel Baby products can be easily found at many health food stores.
  • Diapers – Cloth diapers aren’t something you would want to  purchase for someone without knowing first if they’re open to using them. But most everyone will need at least one package of disposables, even if they will try cloth. So, buy a package from Seventh Generation, Earth’s Best (both chlorine-free and can be found at many popular chain baby stores).
  • Wipes – Seventh Generation and Tushies makes chlorine-free, unscented wipes that can be found at chain baby stores and health food stores.
  • Clothes – Babies go through tons of them. Buy some nice organic ones. Believe me, these will always be appreciated no matter how “green” or not the new mom is.
  • Crib sheets – they’ll most likely be on the list so give a few organic ones (these, too, can be found at many chain baby stores).
  • Burp cloths – these are often requested so just buy the organic ones.
  • Teethers and toys – there’s a lot to be said about a gentle toy without flashing lights and whistles. Why not a wood rattle or teether made by hand? Try this, this, this, or this.
  • Travel changing pad – Organic, made by hand, and adorable!
  • Books – Go to a used book store and look for one on making your own baby food. Or get “Itsabelly’s Guide To Going Green With Baby”. It can be found at Amazon and other stores.
  • Wrapping gifts – Instead of using traditional paper, use a reuseable bag. Believe me, diaper bags just aren’t enough sometimes!
  • In your note to the mom-to-be, jot down these two web sites that continue to be a great resource to me: and

You never know – these small changes could turn the new mom into a “Green Mama” in no time!


One Response to “Baby Showers And Adding A “Green” Touch”

  1. Sandy Says:

    Hi Kirstin, I just discovered your blog from BlogCatalog. I appreciate how you post about how to live greener everyday. I try to do so by taking small steps at a time such as biking to work instead of driving, using Pyrex containers to hold my lunch for work instead of using plastic, and I use biodegradable trash bags. Any great blog and please continue to do what you do 🙂

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