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Sleek, functional, and biodegradable. February 6, 2009

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Last week, I was at  The Container Store, walking down the bath aisle, when the word “eco” caught my eye (this seems to be occurring more and more often these days).  At first glance, it really didn’t look like anything unusual, just a really sleek bathroom collection of cups, toothbrush holders, and boxes. That is, until I turned one of the items around and read about them.



EcoGen’s Bath Collection is biodegradable in six to nine months when composted.

“To create EcoGen, we feed naturally occurring bacteria sugar that is obtained from corn starch. These “bugs” digest the sugar and store the resulting PHBV polymer much as the human body would store fat. Extracted from the “bug,” the stored “fat” becomes an injection moldable material. This material, Enmat®, is then blended with other biodegradable compounds to enhance its ability to process efficiently in standard injection molding machines. When exposed to microorganisms in compost or soil, EcoGen decomposes into carbon dioxide, water and biomass. Extensive scientific testing has established no harmful toxicity from the process or the end product.”

colorsEcoGen’s Collection is available in four colors: black, white, green, and blue and can be found at The Container Store locations and on The Container Store website.

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