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I had high hopes. February 8, 2009

Months ago, I wrote about how much I really like using the Twist Euro Sponge #10. It’s helped cut back on my paper towel use and you have to love the fact that it’s 100% biodegradable.

So I decided to give the Twist Loofah Sponge #50 a try in hopes of doing away with the Scotch Brite sponges I’ve always used. It’s with great disappointment to report that it just doesn’t seem to work well on those really tough pots – like the one I used yesterday to make scrambled eggs for Eco Girl. The pot is still sitting in the sink after repeated soaking of hot water, a little soap, and scrubbing. Oh, well. Not everything “green” is going to work out like you want it to.

Twist Loofah sponge #50

Twist Loofah sponge #50

How about it readers? Have you found a great “green” scrubbing sponge that gets the job done? Let us know about it.

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